Polymer Clay Stud Earrings

Polymer Clay Stud Earrings

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Polymer Clay Jewelry handmade by Kimberly-Kaye Designs. 

All pieces are one of a kind and made specifically for 3 Generations. 

P R O C E S S 

Each pair is hand made by me from start to finish including Color mixing, slab-making & cutting. Once baked + sanded, each clay component is hand drilled and assembled by me.  Each and every pair is unique and 100% handmade, although I try my best it is impossible to remove every blemish & air bubble.


If you get makeup or other oils on your earrings, clean with a small amount of rubbing alcohol and it'll come right off. Avoid contact lotions and perfumes. Please do not bend pieces. They are flexible, but can break with excessive force. Earrings are not meant to be put in your purse or squished as they will break.