Zero Waste Starter Set

Zero Waste Starter Set

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Zero Waste Starter Set
Includes facial rounds, cloth wipes & unpaper towels 

Want to try out some of our reusables in each size?This set is for you!​

2 Single Ply Unpaper Towels

1 Double Ply Unpaper Towel
6 Cloth Wipes
4 Facial Rounds

Perfect for:
-wiping messy hands and faces after meals
-spill clean-up
-washing and drying dishes
-meal time napkins
-splatter shield in the microwave
-lint-free cleaning and dusting

Perfect for:
-runny noses (no more red noses!)
-bath-time-toilet paper
-napkins, kids lunch boxes
-removing make-up

FACIAL ROUNDS                                                                                                                        Perfect for:                                                                                                                                       -removing make-up                                                                                                                         -applying toner                                                                                                                                 -to wash and exfoliate the face